Analog transmitters

ES150S-N, ES1500S-N, ES5000S-97N, ESL25S-97N
Synthetised TV transmitter with satellite receiver

The TV Transmitter with Satellite Receiver is dedicated to the retransmission of television programs received from satellite.

The equipment is composed of a basic TV transmitter with satellite receiver ES1500S-N for the range from 150 mW up to 1 W. The EA05 and EA25 amplifier rack allows to extend the range up to 5 W and 25 W (see EA25 picture on ESR page).

This range was studied to meet the most raised criteria of performances and reliability.

Main characteristics :

  • Output power from 150 mW up to 25 W
  • Common amplifier with feedforward correction
  • Integrated satellite receiver
  • IF filtering by SAW filter
  • Oscillators with very high stability
  • Modular conception
  • Ease of application and maintenance
  • Tests and controls in front panel
  • 19" rack mount equipment
  • Front to back ventilation
  • ISO 9001:2000 design and production

Power range

- ES150S-N :

150 mW

- ES1500S-N :

1 W

- ES5000-97N : 5 W
- ESL25S-97N : 25 W

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