DVB-T transposers

ERTVN-05 : 5 W DVB-T transposer

The ERTVN05 is designed to transpose and broadcast a DVB-T UHF channel in the UHF frequency bands IV and V.

It contains 3 sub-assemblies :

  • One low power transmitter EBTVN05
  • One power amplifier unit EATVN05
  • One filter unit

It may be used as well as isofrequency transposer mode in presence of adjacent analog TV channels or in the normal transposer mode (when input and ouput channels are different).

Main features :

  • Output power 5 W RMS
  • Frequency agility
  • Gap filler mode capability
  • High selectivity thanks to IF Saw filter
  • Local oscillators generated by synthesizer
  • High frequency stability reference (OCXO)
  • Easy setting up and using
  • Monitoring accesses in front panel
  • 19" rack mount equipment
  • Front to back ventilation
  • High reliability

Manufactured under ISO 9000 standard

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