DVB-T transposers

Multi-channels DVB-T transposer station

The multi-channels transposer station allows the simultaneous retransmission of up to 6 DVB-T UHF channels. It integrates all the necessary functions for the signals receiving, the processing of the DVB-T channels, the amplification and the multiplexing to the existing analogue channels.

Dedicated to coverage extension for digital multiplexes, it offers an economic gain comparing to the solution of traditional multiplexing of n transposers.

Main features :

  • Output power from 0.1 W up to 2.5 W per channel
  • Integrates the multiplexing to the analog network
  • Integrates the receiving splitter
  • Frequency agility
  • Iso frequency mode capability
  • High selectivity thanks to IF Saw filter
  • Low noise synthesized oscillators
  • High stability frequency reference (OCXO)
  • Easy setting up and using
  • Monitoring accesses in front panel
  • High reliability
  • SNMP management

Manufactured under ISO 9000 standard

Power range

- EMDVB-01 :

100 mW

- EMDVB-05 :

500 mW

- EMDVB-10 :

1 W

- EMDVB-25 :

2.5 W

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