Digital gap fillers

EGDVB-LP, EGDVB-01, EGDVB-05, EGDVB-10, EGDVB-25 : DVB-T Gap filler

Gap filler equipment is the cheapest solution to improve and complete the coverage of main DVB-T transmitters in Single Frequency Networks (SFN) or Multi Frequency Networks (MFN), thus by re-using the same frequency.

SFN gap fillers are designed with mixed analog and digital processing. The signal is translated from UHF to IF, and back from IP to UHF with analog down and up converters. The entire IF part is processed in digital technology (filtering, echo cancellation, precorrection).

Echo cancellation allows the use in SFN with poor isolation between the receive and the transmit antennas.

Main features :

  • High performances echo cancellation
  • Digital precorrection (AM/AM, AM/PM)
  • Low transit time
  • Single cabinet from 1 W to 25 W
  • Additional external amplifier for 50, 100 and 200 W
  • HTTP, SNMP and FTP protocols optional

The high efficient echo cancellation system allows the installation with gain < antenna isolation + 10dB

Designed and manufatured under ISO 9000 standard

Power range

- EGDVB-LP 15 dBm (30 mW)

- EGDVB-01 :

1 W

- EGDVB-05 :

5 W

- EGDVB-10 :

10 W

- EGDVB-25 : 25 W
- with external amplifier 50, 100 and 200 W

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