DAB transmitters

EDAB100L2, EDAB200L2, EDAB400L2 : 100 to 400 W L Band DAB transmitters

The range of L band DAB transmitters (100 W, 200 W, 400 W) integrates the latest technologies as regards of COFDM coding, modulation and solid state power amplification.

Equipments of this range are designed for high-quality transmission, easy maintenance and short delay of intervention.
A high reliability level is achieved via active redundancy.

Main features :

  • Main features
  • Modular
  • Redundant power supplies with current sharing
  • Integrated COFDM encoder
  • Digital precorrection (AM/AM and AM/PM)
  • Direct L band modulation
  • High reliability due to the transistors technology, a low operating junction temperature and high redundancy
  • Mechanical sturdiness
  • Easier maintenance (hot-pluggable modules)
  • User-friendly interface (LCD, PC)
  • Error history

Options :

  • ETI NI/NA interface
  • GPS receiver
  • QPSK receiver

Manufactured under ISO 9000 standard

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