We can suggest to install your equipment :

  • Creation of a satellite reception installation
  • Creation of a terrestrial reception or use of an existing one
  • Creation of an aerial transmission or use of an existing one

Our building-team have a long experience for installation works. Especially trained, we have the whole necessary accreditation for this type of work and we operate in the respect of the installations security proceedings according to our ISO 9000 certification.

A technician proceeds to the Acceptance Test and attends to the starting-up period. An installation manual, a starting-up manual and an operating manual for broadcasting equipments are provided on each site.

Maintenance and support

An on-site service technical support 7 days / a week, 24H / a day can be supplied.

  • An implementation of the service within the frame of a multiannual maintenance contract
  • A subscription for a 7 days/a week, 24H/a day Hot Line
  • A Service including a global maintenance, a preventive and curative maintenance, an on-site technical assistance
  • A curative maintenance or a on-site technical assistance. On-site intervention in Metropolitan France
  • A preventive Maintenance: planned since the signature of the contract


EBIM will provide a training with the objective of providing the trainees with the capability to operate the delivered equipments and maintain the service in a reliable operating mode. The training course will enable the trainees to operate, adjust and maintain the equipments, to modify as necessary the equipments configuration as well as to repair functions.

  • Delivered equipments presentation
  • Equipments and units configuration
  • Equipments and units operation
  • Units interconnection and interfacing
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Failure diagnosis, fuses and modules replacement

Instructors will be experts engineers in the technics involved.
They will have a good practice of technical and colloquial English.
The training will be organised for a maximum of 6 technicians.

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